Be fearless .
Laura; 16; Italy.

I do believe that being fearless and standing strong things can get better.

I do believe that love is love, and that you fall in love with a person, not with a gender.
I'm also socially awkward, I love music, winter, rain, playing piano, books, colored sweathers and sparkly dresses, Harry Potter, Klaine, Brittana, Faberry, Camren, Glee, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.
I met Naya Rivera on 7/24/13 and it was the best day of my life.
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me when someone finds my tumblr url


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So.. Yes… My dash got confused a little and… Well… it made this!… Which give mE A LOT OF FEELS! OH MY GOD HOW YOU DARE!! IM CRYING RIGHT NOW!!
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The only issue I have with ‘Faking It’ is if Karma ate Liam’s PB&J, and Amy’s allergic to peanut butter, Amy should definitely have an allergic reaction after their kiss. We shouldn’t be worried about Amy’s feelings for Karma, but rather Amy’s health cause that girl has some serious anaphylactic shock coming her way.

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Currently fangirling over this.I found this on the web. Someone please tell me,Is this true? o; 
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"I was super nervous for the kiss. I needed to make sure that it was right. And it was really funny because every day it was like, “Well, you know, we’re going to have to kiss each other in five days. We’re going to have to kiss each other in two days. We’re going to have to kiss each other TODAY”. It came down to it and the director was like, “OK, do you guys want to practice this before we film anything?” So we went in to kiss and we just had a giggling attack."
Katie Stevens on the first kiss Karma and Amy share on Faking It. (via thekarmylife)
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a guy on the train just finished his book and started a new one immediately i think that is the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen

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my friend who is now living in salzburg, austria just sent me this photo of the 7am sunrise she took with her phone. unreal.
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my social studies teacher once told us “human beings are the most selfish of all. even when someone dies, you shed tears only because they are no more around to provide you with whatever they had been for so long”

and it has been 3 years since she said this and this is still what i think about at night

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when all you want is for your favorite character to be happy but all they get to be is dead

or worse


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