Be fearless .
Laura; 16; Italy.

I do believe that being fearless and standing strong things can get better.

I do believe that love is love, and that you fall in love with a person, not with a gender.
I'm also socially awkward, I love music, winter, rain, playing piano, books, colored sweathers and sparkly dresses, Harry Potter, Klaine, Brittana, Faberry, Camren, Glee, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.
I met Naya Rivera on 7/24/13 and it was the best day of my life.
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Sto piangendo AHHAHHAHAH
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Sono orrenda ma avevo appena visto Lea dopo ORE tremende in fila, stavo piangendo e su quella sedia c’era stata seduta Lea e niente, finché non trovo uno screenshot decente dai video che ho fatto a lei questa è la foto di oggi. Completamente surreale. #giffoni  (presso Giffoni Film Festival)
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"Rise and shine" sunrise of naples ❤️ #napoli #sunrise #nofilter  (presso Mergellina)
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Happiness in Rome 💕 #nofilter #colosseo #rome  (presso Colosseum)
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maybe we all stopped using XD because we stopped being capable of that kind of happiness 

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you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly

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Le più bedde🔝 #selfie #postjustdance #struccateistheway
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ppl are ignoring me like im rob kardashian


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"I’ve already said too much. I’ve already shared too much, and now I want all my secrets back. I hate getting too close to people. I regret having shared so much, for having cared so much, for allowing myself to feel so much."
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i literally have no idea what im gonna do if i dont end up rich

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trying to run away from my problems like


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